Our Local Wildflower Honey has a sweet medium to full-bodied flavor that is fast to enhance any breakfast, dessert, or whenever sugar is used! Our Local honey is made by our honey bees in the Douglasville, GA area only.  It is the best honey for allergies because of the dozens of diverse flowers and trees from which the honey bees gather nectar.

It is usually light to dark amber in color.   However, color and flavor will vary from season to season and year to year depending on the weather and the most abundant plants and trees producing nectar.

Pure, Raw Honey add-to-cart-41lb Local Wildflower $7.50 add-to-cart-4Case of 12 1lb Local Wildflower $83.00 add-to-cart-42lb Local Wildflower $14.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 6 2lb Local Wildflower  $79.00
3lb WF picture add-to-cart-43lb Local Wildflower $19.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 6 3lb Local Wildflower $99.00    
1 gal WF picture add-to-cart-4Gallon of Local Wildflower (free 1lb Summer Berry) $53.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 4 Gallons Local Wildflower $195.00    
5 gal WF picture - Copy  

60lb Local Wildflower