During Early Spring in the Florida Orange Groves the Wonderful Fragrant Smell of Orange Tree Blossoms fill the air.  Our honey bees quickly begin harvesting their sweet nectar to make one of the World’s Most Popular Honey, Orange Blossom Honey.  It is a very unique, Fruity, and sweet honey and it is My Wife’s Favorite Honey!   Its medium bodied fruity flavor is sometimes described as citrus and its color can vary from extra light amber to white. Everybody we know loves Orange Blossom Honey!

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1lb Orange Blossom $7.50


Case of 12 1lb Orange Blossom $83.00

2lb OB - Copy add-to-cart-4

2lb Orange Blossom Honey $14.00


Case of 6-2lb Orange Blossom Honey $78.00

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3lb Orange Blossom Honey $19.00


Case of 6 3lb Orange Blossom Honey $99.00

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1 gallon Orange Blossom Honey (with free 1lb Summer Berry) $53.00


1 gallon Orange Blossom Honey-case of 4 $190.00

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60lb Orange Blossom Honey $245.00