Each summer we take our honey bees on a short trip, about 125 miles, to the Appalachian Mountains to make Sourwood honey.  It has a delicious sweet creamed caramel flavor and unlike its name from the Sourwood trees that our honey bees collect nectar from, it is not sour.  Our Sourwood honey is Pure, Raw, and All-Natural in the exact state as when Our Honey Bees made it.    


1lb Sourwood Honey

1lb Sourwood Honey-case of 12  $95.00

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2lb Sourwood Honey $17.00

2lb Sourwood Honey-case of 6 $85.00

3lb Sourwood Label Picture

3lb Sourwood Honey   $25.00

3lb Sourwood Honey-case of 6  $125.00

 1 gal ST TH

Gallon Sourwood Honey $80.00

Gallon Sourwood Honey-case of 4  $289.00

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60lb Sourwood Honey