A sweet full-bodied gourmet honey that has a very unique, unparalleled taste, our Palmetto Honey is produced along the Atlantic Coast in the Deep South and brought to you by the local beekeepers at the Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm.  It’s flavor, while hard to describe, is known to have heavy notes of citrus and mint with woody overtones.  Our Palmetto Honey is excellent in Tea or drizzled over your biscuits.  You just have to try it and taste for yourself!  Our Palmetto honey is Pure Raw and All-Natural, just as the honey bee intended.

  add-to-cart-41lb Palmetto Honey $7.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 12 1lb Palmetto Honey$78.00 add-to-cart-42lb Palmetto Honey$13.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 6 2lb Palmetto Honey $72.00

3lb Palmetto Honey $17.00

add-to-cart-4Case of 6 3lb Palmetto Honey $90.00    
  add-to-cart-4Gallon Palmetto Honey (free 1lb Summer Berry included) $50.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 4 Gallons Palmetto Honey $180.00    
5 gal WF picture add-to-cart-4

60lb Palmetto Honey $205.00