Every summer we move Honey Bees to the Heartland of the USA to make Luscious Clover Honey!  It is the finest clover honey and comes from the same bee yards my dad and I kept Honey Bees in when I was a young boy.  It is super sweet with a medium to full bodied flavor.  Yellow and White Clover blooms around the 5th of June until mid-to-late July each year.

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Clover Honey 1lb Clover Honey $7.00 Case of 12 1lb Clover Honey $78.00 2lb Clover Honey $13.00 Case of 6 2lb Clover Honey $72.00
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Clover Honey 3lb Clover $17.00 Case of 6 3lb Clover $90.00
1 gal ST TH add-to-cart-41 gallon Clover (with free 1lb Summer Berry) $50.00 add-to-cart-4Case of 4 Gallons Clover $180.00
5 gal WF picture add-to-cart-460lb Clover $205.00