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The Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm is a family owned small business founded by second generation Beekeeper Allen Bradd and his wife Angie.  Allen started beekeeping at a very young age with dad, Wayne.  While growing up around bees, Allen learned the in’s and out’s of managing beehives, migratory beekeeping, and producing premium raw honey.
Today, the Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm is a migratory beekeeping company.  We have bee yards in Douglas County (30 mi. west of Atlanta) where we produce our Local Wildflower Honey, South Georgia where we over winter our beehives and produce Tupelo Honey, Avon Park, Florida where we produce Orange Blossom Honey, and the Appalachian Mountains, where we produce Sourwood Honey.
With such a diverse location of bee yards, we are able to produce multiple varieties of honey: Local WildflowerTupelo, Sourwood, and Florida Orange Blossom.  PLEASE CLICK “BUY HONEY NOW” TO ORDER ANY VARIETY OR A SAMPLER OF OUR GREAT HONEY VARIETIES.
We take great pride in being HONEY PRODUCERS at the Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm, unlike most honey companies that just buy honey, and repackage it for sale.  We have very strict yet very basic policies in the methods of which honey leaves our beehives and is put into containers for you.  We simply remove honey from our beehives while still in its beeswax comb, remove the honey from the beeswax comb through centripetal force, and strain it (not micro-filtered) as it is poured into our bottling tanks.  All our honey is bottled and labeled by the hand of our great employees at the Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm.
If you are not 100% Satisfied with any container of Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm Honey under a gallon that you have purchased, send it back for a refund.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!